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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Colon Cleanse - What Is The Difference Between A Colon Cleanse And A Laxative

First let's discuss laxatives.

People take laxatives to get rid of constipation and empty their colon of stopped up waste.

Laxatives are usually chemically based and are essentially a poison or irritant that your body tried to rid itself of as quickly as possible. They do not do anything to naturally restore your body's waste removal process. Your colon's reaction to a laxative is to try to get it out asap and along with it your body also evacuates the impacted feces.

The harsh substances in laxatives are absorbed throughout your body and can create a toxic effect that is dangerous to your health. Your body can also become dependent on laxatives for waste removal. Addiction to the ingredients can even permanently impair your bowels ability to eliminate waste naturally on its own. Not good!

Now let's talk about colon cleanses.

A colon cleanse is a more natural way to deal with constipation and intestinal irregularities.

A natural colon cleanse can actually help heal your body and encourage your colon to function at its optimum.

You see your colon, intestines and bowels are not just waste removers for your body. Your digestive system is a place where your body takes in nutrients from the foods and liquids you ingest.

So what is neat about a colon cleanse is that not only can it get your body on a "regular" schedule for elimination and end constipation; it will also assist in helping your get more nutritive benefit from the foods you eat.

My clients have experienced higher energy levels and an overall better sense of well being after completing a natural colon cleanse. Colon cleansing has also helped them with healing acne, candida and other digestive problems.

If you are looking to cure constipation or improve your colon health, don't grab a chemically laden laxative. Give a colon cleanse a try - you may be very pleasantly surprised with your results.

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